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Who are Special Buddies

Special Buddies are people learning to become trained access workers to facilitate as full as possible participation in learning and leisure activities.
Inc for Inclusion.

Our focus

Special Buddies facilitates leisure activities which provides opportunities for members to acquire, maintain and generalise literacy, communication and social-emotional skills.

Literacy Skills

Braille literacy, literacy in any other form or language.

Communication Skills

Effective communication strategies.

Social-Emotional Skills

Achieve and maintain mental wellness.


Projects that Special Buddies are exploring:

XSinfo.Club Frog XSinfo.Club

Members make adaptations of print materials to make them accessible to a person who: (a) is blind; (b) has a visual impairment or a perceptual or reading disability which cannot be improved to give visual function substantially equivalent to that of a person who has no such impairment or disability and so is unable to read printed works to substantially the same degree as a person without an impairment or disability; or (c) is otherwise unable, through physical disability, to hold or manipulate a book or to focus or move the eyes to the extent that would be normally acceptable for reading; regardless of any other disabilities.

WeFigureX.Club Hippo WeFigureX.Club

Inaccessible leisure activity? We'll Figure It out! Members share their journey of exploring various adaptations to make leisure activities accessible so we all can be included and play together.

HowDoYouSign.Club Bunny HowDoYouSign.Club

Members share their collection of communication signs used to make communication efficient! Signs include Keyword Sign, Home Signs, Tactile Signs, touch signals, pictures, symbols, etc.

BrailleIT.Club Dolphin BrailleIT.Club

Members share all things related to braille! Learn to read and produce Unified English Braille (UEB). Label items in braille, write notes in braille, have fun with braille!

Contact: yilin@specialbuddiesinc.org

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